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Happy Beads are fun, interchangeable beads that combine to make beautiful sparkly jewelry. Here at the Happy Bead Shop we offer complete ready-to-give necklaces as well as individual beads to mix and match your own Happy Beads look.

Looking for a gift for a FRIEND?

Shop with confidence! To make sure you are happy with your purchase, we have a bead color guarantee. We try our best to make the bead colors online as close to the actual color. But computer screens are all different, so if you don't like the actual color, just return it. Really. You can exchange it for another color, or get a full refund, which ever makes you happy.

Shipping by first class USPS is free on all Happy Bead orders over $25.00.

Email customerservice@happybeadshop.com or call 860-883-8948 (evenings are best).